5 arguments for IT outsourcing, that would make Henry Ford proud

benefits of it outsourcing

“If there is a thing that we cannot do more efficiently, cheaper or better than a competition, there is no point in doing it further – we should hire the one who does it better than we do”

the words, allegedly spoken in 1923 by Henry Ford, are often and eagerly used by the majority of outsourcing companies. That comes as no surprise – they contain a substantial amount of truth, and the sentence itself, spoken almost a hundred years ago, is still up-to-date and, surely, works for the benefit of companies that offer such services.

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However, if the sole authority figure and the achievements of one of the best-known American engineers are not enough for you, and you need some particular and substantive arguments for using outsourcing, take some time to read the following article.


Outsourcing turns the inaccessible into the accessible

IT specialists belong to one of the top professions, where employers find the most difficulty recruiting new employees. The estimates show, that solely among the member countries of the EU, until 2020, more than 800 thousand vacant positions may be opened, and the industry may be lacking even 2 million employees within the industry globally.

The figures translate to genuine issues, such as access to specialists with expert knowledge regarding IT, prolonged and costly recruitment processes, or significant rotation of employees looking for the best offers on such highly competitive market.

What can an employer do, when he needs to employ the knowledge of a skilled IT team?

Outsourcing may be the answer. Companies that provide such services, have experts on board, that exhibit various competencies and necessary experience. Therefore, they can easily match the best specialists with the given project. Even if the company is not employing a person with skills required by the employer at the moment, they take the burden of the process of searching for such a person off the customer who may dedicate the entire time to develop own business. By using outsourcing, the employers have access to qualified experts, that they would be unable to access otherwise, and at the same time, save time and financial resources.

Outsourcing helps reduce cost efficiently

When planning to implement a large IT project, to update the current system, or to create a modern application, one mustn’t necessarily expand the team of people hired at the company. Outsourcing is a much better solution.

Why? Because it allows companies to use, and therefore, pay for competencies of IT specialists only when they are actually required. Moreover, you are ensured that the specialists assigned to support your company, already possess the required competencies.

Outsourcing eliminates cost related to employment – the outsourcing company takes care of it. An additional benefit of outsourcing is the flexibility in regard to all potential changes. If, during the process of project implementation, it turns out that you want to make revolutionary changes within the project and need specialists other than those you had previously anticipated, you can simply change them, without the need for firing employees, or creating new job positions.

Outsourcing provides you with the access to the latest technology… and with security

You could think, that by commissioning people to accomplish tasks within the IT area, you take an enormous risk.

What if the outsourcing company would leak confidential information regarding my company to the competition? What if my data gets in the wrong hands?

Contrary to appearances, outsourcing companies are the ones that care about your security the most. Why? There is a number of reasons.

First of all, any issues regarding security and confidentiality would damage the outsourcing company’s reputation, and in consequence, would damage the trust of their potential customers. Your potential loss, would be the loss of such a company, and they cannot allow that. Second of all, due to the fact that the projects implemented are highly complicated, the outsourcing companies work on the most advanced systems and the most modern software, using top-quality equipment, that the customers simply don’t have. High quality equipment is another guarantee of the security of your project.

Outsourcing allows for swift reaction

The swiftness of reaction and the ability to adjust to subsequent changes are the significant features of a good IT team. These values become meaningful particularly, when unintended situations occur, such as, issues with a server that has gone down, just when your IT specialist is on a leave. Sounds familiar?

By commissioning outsourcing within the IT area you don’t have to worry about such unexpected situations, and wait for your employee to be back at the office and fix the unexpected system failure. If you decide to use a dedicated IT team, you can be sure that the issue will be resolved swiftly, and you will reduce the risk of unnecessary losses to a minimum.

Outsourcing is a trend followed by both large corporations and fledging startups

In 2017, the global outsourcing market was estimated at 88,9 billion dollars, and the economists’ forecast for the subsequent years shows that this line of business will still increase in value. No doubt, both large corporations and small startups are increasingly seeking for opportunities of cost optimization, time-saving, as well as, access to specialized knowledge and skills. Outsourcing is an answer to all the above needs.

Were you convinced by the aforementioned arguments? Maybe you would like to learn more about outsourcing? Contact us by means of your preference and share your insights.

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