Software Development
Process Audit

We help companies optimise their software development process, increasing work performance and software quality.
We conduct in-depth examinations of:

  • Software engineering methods and tools
  • Role matrix
  • Project management practices
  • Exiting software products.

This deep-dive process allows us to identify strong and weak points of the process and to build detailed recommendations on areas of requiring improvement.

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Software Development Process Audit
Software Development Process Audit

When it's a fit

You feel like your software project isn’t on track.
You want to evaluate chosen tools, technologies and organisational structure.
You are concerned about code quality.
You need to improve productivity and efficiency.

What we do

  • Audit current software development process.
  • Check and tune project management tools and techniques.
  • Accelerate software development, with increased automation of testing and deployment operations.

What you get

  • Clear, detailed process documentation.
  • Selected standardised toolkit.

How you win

No time and money overspent because of a wrong tech stack, software design or inconsistent development strategy.
High scalability level and readiness for future business development.
Improved value through high stability and cost effective maintainability.
Minimized security risks.
Best quality coding procedures.
Software Development Process Audit

Our Process

  • 01

    Requirements and
    project vision evaluation

    We evaluate initial project assumptions and requirements, functional and non-functional analysis, and architecture and technology assessment.

  • 02

    Conclusion and recommendation

    Based on in-depth analysis, we develop conclusions and elaborate detailed recommendations pin-pointing opportunities for improvement. We discuss all the conclusions to help build the best implementation plan for your business.

  • 03


    We deliver a final report that summarises our audit findings, provides practical recommendations for improving the software development process and presents an implementation plan which fits your current company resources and team capacity.

Why Eversoft?

Business First Approach

Our Business First approach ensures software development work is fully aligned with your business goals. We manage all project components to meet your current business needs and final solution adoption.

Experience-driven Project Leadership

We believe project experience and true battle-tested knowledge are key factors in successful software development projects. Our experienced management team can predict potential project blockers and structure workflow to address those challenges in a seamless and effective way.

Your Change Management Partner

Successful software development projects must be treated as part of larger organisational evolution. By considering the context of each project in line with your corporate strategy we can support you on the full change management path to deliver true business value.

More than Engagement

Our team leaders have autonomy to make decisions and invest as much effort and time as required to ensure business value at project completion. We have a positive mindset - we always look for solutions to problems, not excuses or blame.

Success Stories


Eversoft specialists designed and built the mobile app for Nrlyze within 3 months.


Preparation of a set of ready recommendations, allowing to implement and launch a programme aiming at solving…

Samsung Sinance management System Case study - Eversoft's portfolio

Finance Management System maintenance and development for Samsung

Eversoft continues a development work for Samsung….

Software Development Process Audit

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