Safety and risk management

Information security management compliant to ISO 27001/27005 standards

Audits and projects

We provide audits and projects as well as implement of information security management systems in order to minimize threats and ensure the organization's basic business processes continuity. The scope of provided services covers:
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Analysis and conceptual design of the Information Security Management System, including identification of information assets, risk assessment, preliminary audit, presentation of possible implementation variants.


Implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) including definition and approval of the scope and boundaries of the implemented ISMS, identification and classification of information assets, development and documentation of the risk management process, establishment of the Information Security Policy and other documentation of the System.

Training and support

Training and support for 'change leaders' in the organization.

Preparation of the System

Preparation of the System for certification for compliance with ISO 27 001.

Risk management compliant to ISO 31000 guidelines

We support the implementation of a comprehensive and systematised approach to proactive risk management issues in order to increase the likelihood of implementing the organisation's strategic plans. The range of services typical for this class of organisation and management systems (analysis, conceptual design, implementation, training and documentation) allows for supervision and aware coordination of activities at all stages of the risk management process
  • 1

    Risk identification

  • 2


    analysis, evaluation, planning and implementation of action plans

  • 3


    inspections, reviews, evaluation of effectiveness of preventive actions applied

The service may also include a review of the risk management system and evaluation of the results of implementation after a fixed period of use, together with the formulation of conclusions in order to further improve the approach.

Business continuity management compliant to ISO 22301 guidelines

We maintain business continuity at the level resulting from the objectives of the organization and regulations imposed by law is a basic requirement of each organization. The object of the service is to support the implementation of the business continuity management system compliant to requirements of ISO 22301 standard in the following areas:
  • 1


    Analysis of the present state of solutions related to business continuity and risk management in the organization, including: existing rules, organizational structures, documentation, processes.

  • 2


    Development of a conceptual design of the Business Continuity Management System.

  • 3


    Building a system including organisational structure specification, Business Continuity Policy development, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) preparation and realization, definition of critical processes in the organisation, replacement requirements definition, critical processes and resources description, risk analysis, Business Continuity Strategy specification, development of other documentation (plans, procedures) and crisis management structure definition.

  • 4


    Testing Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

  • 5


    Preparation of the System for certification for compliance with ISO 22301.

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