When you are looking for an IT team for your Product Manager


Do you want to implement your IT project yourself using our team of developers?

We guarantee a professional team of the best and most experienced IT specialists and coders. The experience gained during the implementation of some of the largest IT projects in the country will be available to you. You can manage the IT project yourself and fully use the competences of the Eversoft team.
Your management IT team

You have the staff with experience in running IT projects.

An independent IT team

You do not have the time to build an IT project team and you want to use experienced coders.

Reducing IT costs

You do not want to bear the risks and costs associated with recruiting employees to the project team.

Within this cooperation scenario, we provide:

A professional IT team

We guarantee the required level of team members appropriate to carry out the tasks.

Office and IT infrastructure

We provide appropriate office and IT infrastructure as well as necessary programming tools.

HR support

We guarantee full HR support to the members of the IT project team.

T&M settlement

The settlement is in the Time & Material model in monthly settlement periods.

How does the cooperation work in this scenario?

You choose the optimal ways to cooperate and manage the IT project. Our team will adapt to your requirements.
  • 1

    We get to know your needs

    After consulting with you we will build a short description of the business goals you are aiming for and together we will create an original list of the requirements necessary to implement the system being built for you.

  • 2

    We organise an IT team

    We organise a team of competent IT specialists dedicated to work on your project. The number of people involved and their individual skills depend on your business, technological and time requirements.

  • 3

    We carry out the tasks assigned

    Our IT team carries out the tasks assigned by the IT manager from your organisation.

  • 4

    T&M settlement

    We settle for the works completed during the monthly settlement period on the basis of Time & Material.


No costs of building the development team

Scalability of the IT project team

The ability to quickly exchange team members

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