Wiener (previously Gothaer)

For 30 years, Wiener S.A. Vienna Insurance Group has been insuring Customers within the area of general insurances. The company is a component of the Vienna Insurance Group international concern, a leading insurance company in Central and Eastern Europe,

Wiener insures more than 68 thousand individual Customers and almost 60 thousand companies.The Company capital amounts to 110 382 tys. zł, and the capital adequacy ratio for 2018 - 163%.


By executing numerous projects simultaneously, the customer has faced the challenge of ensuring mechanisms of managing the consistency of the executed projects with the Company Strategy.

Additionally, project definition and monitoring presented a further challenge.


We supported the customer in the area of strategy and project portfolio management. After the successful implementation of the Gothaer’s strategy until 2016, the company began work on a new one in the perspective of the year 2021. With the Eversoft support, the Gothaer’s Strategy Go2021 was created and the Strategic Operational Programme was launched.

Under our consultant supervision the scope of the Programme was established with the key projects identified and defined. All the rules of the programme and projects portfolio management were implemented and successfully executed for almost 3 years.


- Established mechanisms of managing the consistency of the executed projects with the company strategy,

- ensuring the conditions of project definition for the purposes of making decisions regarding their launch,

- establishing and execution of project tasks progress monitoring and reporting.