Ministry of Health - The National Centre for Healthcare information systems (CSIOZ)

The National Centre for Healthcare information systems (CSIOZ) is a public administration unit established by the Minister of Health. CSIOZ began its operations on 1 August 2000. The main object of CSIOZ operations is to execute tasks regarding building an information-based society.
The Polish healthcare system consists of 40M. beneficiaries, The National Healthcare Fund consists of 17 regional divisions.


CSIOZ proposed a challenge of developing an Electronic Platform for Collecting, Analysing and Sharing Digitial Resources about Medical Events (including the definition, launch, and tender, as well as, contracting). Until that moment CSIOZ worked only by means of commissioning work externally, and did not possess the appropriate in-house resources.


Preparation of the project and its definition in compliance with PRINCE 2. The support of tender procedures associated with the project.

Participation in the works regarding project execution, and the development of business architecture.
A project executed in collaboration with Deloitte. Eversoft was responsible for the part related to project management, the solution concept and Business Architecture.


- From the CSIOZ perspective, the customer received a prepared material needed for the implementation of the project. In result, from the moment of project launch, its execution was flawless during every phase, therefore, no stoppages were noted.

- From the Deloitte perspective: savings and at the sime time, very high service quality.