Insurance Software
Development Company

Eversoft specialise in Insurance Software Development, delivering advisory and custom programming services for insurtech start-ups and established industry players.
We have been an active player in the insurance software development market for more than 10 years. We work on:
  • Innovative solutions for the Insurtech Start-ups.
  • Upgrade of legacy insurance systems to address innovation-driven change for established insurance companies.
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Custom Insurance
Software Development

Testing of Insurance
Systems and Applications

Your First Choice Insurtech Partner for Innovations

We bring in emerging technologies expertise and project experience to drive innovations that help address gaps in your legacy insurance systems and meet the web 3.0 expectations of your customers.

Big Data

Using big data in combination with smart data strategies allows insurance companies to make informed decisions based on models and evidence.


We help insurance companies improve the way they interact with customers and access valuable data using mobile technology.

Digital transformation

With a disruptive digitalisation strategy we can help you break into new markets, advance in the industry or design entirely new business models and services.

Our process

Digital innovations in insurance companies demands a specific project management approach and special focus on key industry specific market requirements. Understanding these expectations, we put special focus on creating software solutions that support unique user experience, ensure the highest level of security, and build a bridge between legacy insurance systems and modern insurtech software solutions.
  • 1

    Discovery phase

    Understanding your core needs and business goals.
    As experienced insurance technology partner we perfectly understand industry specifics which makes the whole process faster and smoother. We can serve with consultancy sharing insights from our past projects to help you determine key business goals.

  • 2


    Recommendations on the best software development model.
    We follow best practices and our proven consultancy approach to come up with the best model optimized according to your current software environment, already existing resources and achievements and primary business objectives.

  • 3

    Cooperation kick off

    Team assembled with the best technology fit.
    We build a team which not only addresses the desired competency matrix but is well-briefed in terms of project’s business goals and current work environment as well as prepared to fit your company culture and communication model.

  • 4

    Constant support on innovations

    Consulting-based and innovation-driven approach.
    We constantly monitor project performance and progress with focus on delivered benefits. We present proactive approach to risk management, looking and evaluating the best possible solutions.

Why Eversoft?

Business First Approach

Our Business First approach ensures all software development work is fully aligned with your business goals. We manage all project components to meet your current business needs and final solution adoption.

Experience-driven Project

We believe project experience and true battle-tested knowledge are key success triggers for software development projects. Eversoft’s experienced management team can predict potential project blockers and structure workflow in a seamless and effective way.

Your Change Management Partner

Successful software development projects must be treated as part of larger organisational evolution. By considering the context of each project in line with your corporate strategy we can support you on the full change management path to deliver true business value.

More than Engagement

Our team leaders have autonomy to make decisions and invest as much effort and time as required to ensure business value at project completion. We have a positive mindset - we always look for solutions to problems, not excuses or blame.

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