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Eversoft is an IT Polish company that specializes in providing IT outsourcing services. As part of the ASSECO Group, it focuses on designing and developing customer-tailored software for the most demanding companies located in Western Europe and the USA.
Eversoft provides dedicated and highly personalized personnel IT outsourcing and IT project management services for the purposes of software design and development. Combining our own experience with the competences of ASSECO Group, who are the sixth largest group among software providers in Europe with over 24,000 employees in 50 countries, allows us to offer specialist IT services on the international market.
Cooperation models
Eversoft – IT outsourcing without limits

We provide our customers with IT services developed during many years of experience in the IT industry.

For more than 10 years we have been involved in software development in various technologies and for Customers from different industries. We have gathered experience in the area of designing, developing, testing and maintaining products. We have the ability to select and effectively apply various methodologies of software development depending on the project specifics.

We tailor our approach to the scope of the IT project.


We provide a full range of programming support.


We guarantee the shortest possible time between the initial consultation and the start of the IT project.

Do you need support in an IT project? We offer several IT outsourcing cooperation scenarios.

Each company has its own requirements and is organized according to the needs of its industry. By understanding these requirements and based on our experience, we will prepare several possible solutions.

What do you gain?

Lower costs

Lowering the cost of software development and modification.

Scope adjustment

Flexible approach to the scope of the IT project.

Scalability of the service

Flexible and low cost scaling of work teams involved in the development or modification of IT systems.

No technological barriers

No technological limitations resulting from specialisation in customer's existing resources.


Full and simple control of manpower allocation and the IT project budget.

Simpler management

Reducing the burden of managing additional IT employees.

Let's start an IT project!

Tell us what you want to do and we will advise you how to achieve this in the best possible way.

Past projects

We have developed software for the largest companies and for the largest public institutions in this part of Europe. A selection of our previous IT projects can be found below.

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