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Kinly provides its clients with a seamless ecosystem of personal and shared Video and AV technologies as-a-Service, covering every need from one-to-one and group collaboration, to internal and external events. The combined company serves corporate and public customers in over 120 countries. It has its official headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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The lack of resources within the customer's team, that would be sufficient to
ensure developing an application on time, dedicated to monitoring the status
of conference rooms and reacting to technical difficulties


Providing a two-person development team - working in a remote model: 1
person from Wrocław, 1 person from Poznań. The customer's team was located
in Amsterdam and Edinburgh.
The programmers join the team within a one-week or two-week stay period at
the customer's location (meeting the team and key persons, establishing the
organisation of work, backlog of the project, and communication channels). The
project is executed in 8 months.


Providing assets, creating application within the established timeframe.

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Eversoft specialists designed and built the mobile app for Nrlyze within 3 months.


Preparation of a set of ready recommendations, allowing to implement and launch a programme aiming at solving…

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