Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport

The General Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) is a public institution appointed in 2002 to control compliance with the provisions in force, in the field of road transport and non-commercial transportation of persons and goods, The institution operates primarily with a view of eliminating any negative phenomena in road transport. Until 2017, the Inspectorate has controlled 2.6M Vehicles, issued 373K decisions, all performer in an off-line alike environment.


GITD faced the challenge of developing a GITD Computerisation Strategy.
They key aspect of Strategy development, had become the analysis aiming at the definition of goals and expectations of the organisation regarding the IT area, gaps and expansion directions. GITD did not have the resources necessary for performing such analysis within the assumed time limit.


The Eversoft team has performed an analysis, the scope of which included both the analysis of the IT support area, for GITD customers and departments, as well as, the analysis of the IT processes and organisational structure in GITD.

In result a report was filed, summarising the analysis of the current status, as well as, recommendations for operations to be implemented, that would become the basis for developing the Computerisation Strategy.


- Preparation of the customer to implement digital transformation within the organisation.

- External support for the customer, and obtaining the independent estimation of the state of the IT processes and organisational structure at GITD, in compliance with best practices (ITIL).