You are looking for a specific specialist for a limited time


You choose the best specialists to help in your project

You choose the best specialists to help in your project
You do not always need an entire team to implement your project. Sometimes it's enough to have only one professional developer. Eversoft can also offer support in these situations.

Internal IT project

You run an IT project using the employees of your company.

Additional specialist

You want to support your project team by having an IT specialist with unique skills for a short period of time.

Timely help

You see the need to strengthen your team with experienced IT specialists in the key phase of the project.

As part of hiring a single specialist we provide:

The highest level of competencies

We guarantee that our IT specialist has the highest level of competencies and extensive implementation experience relevant to the tasks.

T&M settlement

The settlement takes place in the Time & Material model in monthly settlement periods, according to the predefined assumptions.

What does the specialist hiring process look like?

Skillful use of the knowledge of our specialist is the basis for efficient implementation. We always provide top class employees.
  • 1

    We get to know your needs

    We define the profile of the IT specialist required to support your project. The profile determines the desired level of substantive knowledge, experience and soft skills.

  • 2

    We organise a specialist

    We delegate a specialist with the profile identified in the first point to work on your project.

  • 3

    Implementation of tasks

    Our specialist carries out the tasks assigned by the manager from your organization.

  • 4

    Project settlement

    We settle the works carried out by our specialist during the monthly settlement period on the basis of Time & Material.


Short time required to acquire a specialist

No recruitment costs

No obligations arising from the employer's status

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