Together Stronger. Together Better.

Our idea in a nut shell

  • We will help chosen Swedish start-ups with up to 3-months’ worth of full-time developer work – free of charge.
  • Optionally we will support you with 10-20 hours of consultancy time, free of charge  (normally 1-2 hours weekly), on the areas of most urgent need e.g. business analysis, product definition, business plan, scaling etc. 
  • We want to help you speed-up software product development.
  • The idea is simple. You will get software developer support, we might earn your recommendation and recognition.
Software Testing

What does our offer include?

  • The offer consists of up to 3-months’ worth of full-time software developer work, free of charge.
  • Our developer will work remotely, under your supervision, and you will be in full control of his/her professional activity during these 3 months.
  • Your new software developer is fully prepared to work as your extended dev professional – fully trained in soft skills and competencies, fluent English language skills, specially trained in remote communication practices and tools.
  • The technologies we most often work with are listed below; however, if your specificity needs go beyond this area, let us know, probably we still could get you a proper specialist.
Software development in our main technologies







Software development is one of our key services,
but we also offer much more...

Optionally, we will support you with 10-20 hours of free consultancy, within the project
time frame (1-2 hours weekly), on the challenges you really require assistance with
e.g., project analysis, testing etc.


  • Software development process audit
  • Software technology audit
  • Software outsourcing readiness audit
  • Project definition review


  • Business analysis
  • Architecture & Technology Assessment


  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Mobile



  • Manual
  • Automated


What’s our agenda? What drives us?

  • Eversoft provide support to businesses in need in various forms and specialties. We are particularly happy to help startups. Our company grew from the kindness of others and now we are re-paying that generosity in kind. We also believe that businesses should support each other. Together Stronger, Together Better.
  • We are entering the Swedish market for the first time and believe that giving a hand to local is the way business should be done. We do not just demand instant success.
  • The idea is simple: you will get software developer support, we might earn a recommendation and recognition.
  • Therefore, we want our support to be used as effectively as possible.
Software Project Start Analysis

Who will be the best match for our support?

Software Development Technology Consulting
  • A company that has a specific plan to use our help.
  • A company with greatest convergence of needs with our capabilities, so your needs vs available resources at the time.
  • The company which will gain the most, realizing the greatest benefits in the implementation process.
  • A company with a detailed idea of how to utilize our offer in the most effective way, with a defined scope of work for our developer.
  • A company that will be able to use our help as soon as possible.

How would you benefit from our support?

You can move forward faster

Time is money. The faster you realize results, the faster you will move forward. Together Stronger, Together Better.

Follow a proven path

Many Scandinavian companies already use the services of Polish developers and outsourced IT companies. Maybe because the SkillValue 2019 report ranked Poles as the #3 Best Developers in the World. Or maybe they just like us. 😉

You have access to rare resources

According to Invest Stockholm Report, the Tech Industry lacks manpower, resources and competencies → there is an urgent need for 70k people within IT before 2024 (programming, data scientists, project management, etc).

You can use existing experience

Eversoft has experience in small, scaled software development projects, large state-owned ones, and by outsourcing teams or individual specialists. And our experienced team is only 2 hours flight from Stockholm or just a click by video call.

Why do we believe we can support you?


We still have the spirit of entrepreneurship and start-up in our heart, despite the fact that we are already 13 years old. Bespoke software solutions and out-of-box ideas for their effective application are our passion. We hope you share our passion. Because shared values are most important, aren't they?

Knowledge & Attitude

The numbers speak for us. We have extensive competences and experience that you can rely on. Regardless of this project, we like to share knowledge 🙂


We have implemented and are currently implementing projects for the government sector, including projects critical for the functioning of the state. This means that we deliver on time and pay attention to quality. And we always go the extra mile.

Customers’ loyalty

Small and large customers stay with us for years. They certainly appreciate our passion and attitude. They also rely on our knowledge and experience. Or maybe we charmed them with something else, but their continued loyalty must mean something.



Eversoft was established in 2009



as a service provider for Asseco Group



completed software development projects



Software dev engineers and supporting staff

Next steps

  • 01

    We shortlist potential start-up partners

    We have selected and invited a few companies that have already participated in the +impact accelerator. So if you're reading this, you are in! Congrats!

  • 02

    Face-to-face meeting or video call

    You are invited to have a meeting in Stockholm with Eversoft (or video call if there are travel issues). We are excited to understand your business ideas, challenges and how you would like to utilize our support.

  • 03

    a lucky

    We will choose companies (currently we have space for one company) which will use our support to rocket their business into the stratosphere – and beyond! So lets’ do it together!

  • 04

    Signing outsourcing agreement

    Copyrights of the solutions developed by your on-site Eversoft developer must be legally transferred to your company. Such agreement by no means bear any consequences for you, such as trying to force possible future cooperation with us.

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