Utrica exists for almost 30 years. Today, the company is the largest distributor of medicine for hospital treatment, and one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Poland. Its customers include pharmacists, hospitals, as well as, pharmaceutical manufacturers. Utrica reaches out to 100% of hospitals in the country, and served 5075 customers and 245 providers.


The aim to digitalise the process of document circulation with the simultaneous lack of experience defining projects and new IT solutions.


The pre-implementation analysis identifying the specification of the requirements for the digitalisation process of documents regarding tender offers for medicine and pharmaceuticals.

- Pre-implementation analysis - functional, technical and implementation specification, including i.a.:
- Functional requirements for the central server area, and the mobile system area, as well as, the field of functions required of the system, necessary to execute service processes given system support.
- Application architecture of the server system (architecture of components and integration).
- Application architecture of the mobile devices system (architecture of components and integration).
- System and hardware requirements for servers and mobile devices.
- Project budget requirements and project timeline.
- Description of the project methodology and project organisation.
- System model construction.


- Organisation was fully prepared to perform the digitalisation of the document circulation process.

- The prepared analysis was a product ready to be implemented.