Software tests

We provide services for organizing the testing processes of software under development and tests of the maintained system focused on ensuring business continuity, the required level of services and low system development and maintenance costs.

Scope of IT services:

Development of concepts

as well as the design and execution of functional tests from the module level to system tests – development, management and optimization of test designs.

Identification and verification

of performance risks for the system in the context of introducing new and/or changed software (code analyses, simulations, SQLi performance analyses, dynamic tests), optimization of software code and developing recommendations for changing the architecture of solutions.

Verification of the impact

on the system caused by changes in software and/or the environment in the context of providing the required level of service and business continuity.

Development of mechanisms and tools

for the development, acquisition, depersonalization and modification of test data characteristics, management of test data.

Managing and maintaining test environments

automatization of test environment development, managing and optimizing the use of pre-production environments.

Automation of software tests

Provision of IT services related to the design and preparation of tools ensuring automatic testing of software functionality, in particular:
Planning and designing scenarios

and test cases for automated testing based on business requirements

Creating test scripts

for automated tests using the required test automation tools


SoapUI, Jmeter, Selenium, AutoIT, TestLink, JIRA, Bugzilla and own tools (among others ATALIB)

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