Software maintenance and development

Eversoft has completed several projects related to the development of applications supporting the business processes of the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport.

The model of services provided consisted in the implementation of projects by a dedicated, several-person team of high-class business and technical specialists. The team worked in cooperation with the customer under the supervision of the Eversoft Project Manager and was responsible for the products of the project.

The scope of works included, among others:


Designing assumptions and architecture for the software/systems


Consulting in the field of software development

Project documentation

Creation/modification of project documentation


Software implementation, maintenance and development

Electronic Control of Permits

A particular achievement is the construction of the Electronic Control of Permits system, supporting the processes of international transport control. The solution is used on a daily basis by several thousand officers of the Road Transport Inspection and Customs Police, Border Guard and the Police.

The projects were completed in 2017