Certificate for Eversoft from the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications


On 14 June 2018, at the meeting of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications, we received a Certificate certifying our membership.

As part of the meeting, we presented the scope of our activities at our Customers to the Chamber Members:

  • providing specialists in the outsourcing of development services formula;
  • development of dedicated software;
  • supporting Customers in the operations optimization by using technological novelties and giving an advantage over the competition.

We also had the opportunity to talk about a few selected, interesting projects, especially those where Customers had high requirements, and we have performed them in an unconventional way. At the same time, the effect of our software exceeded our expectations. More information in the Selected customers.

The certificate is a confirmation for Eversoft and our employees and managers that we are an innovative and reliable company.

“The certificate requires from us a high quality of work, focusing on the priorities of the project, and gives our Customers a guarantee of achieving common goals” – said Jerzy Drojecki – President of the Board.



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