Eversoft at the Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference 2018, London

It was so amazing time spent on Trade & Supply Chain Finance Conference 2018, organised by International Chamber of Commerce UK.
Especially inspiring was how international finance organizations, insurance companies and different suppliers cooperate with each other to achieve digital trade and upgrade transparency in supply chain, even without adequate regulations. The presented example was the Marco Polo Network, to help bank platforms connect faster, more efficient to their corporate clients via ERP trade and working capital finance applications and the wider trade ecosystem. It is the fastest growing trade network connecting banks, corporates and third party service providers through an unparalleled network of nodes enabling the seamless execution of their working capital and trade finance activities. The Marco Polo Network is powered open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Corda blockchain technology and is integrated with the TradeIX Platform (https://lnkd.in/dix5b27).
As an IT service provider, we support the development of this trend. We are open to cooperation with clients who need additional support in the development of their IT solutions using blockchain technology.

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