Team leasing – a way to access the best specialists and IT teams in the industry

When it comes to team leasing, you set the conditions concerning the experience, structure or scope of duties and we provide people who meet these requirements along with a Project Manager who will ensure that the project is completed. You define the goal and create the vision of the product, we realize it. This is how team leasing works.

It is worth mentioning that efficient team leasing is a product of highly skilled individuals who meet each of the client’s requirements to help them achieve their overall IT goals and objectives. Although the main topic of discussion is team leasing, an added focus on individuals is important because of the roles they play in making the “team” in team leasing work by performing their specific duties to the best of their capabilities.

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What influences an IT project’s success?

The key factors that have a direct impact on achieving success in the implementation of IT projects are:

  1. Adequate organization of the project;
  2. Selection of appropriate software development methodology;
  3. Assembling a team of IT professionals with the appropriate level of substantive knowledge. 

The most common project problems arise in relation to this third point. A growing shortage of IT specialists on the market makes it more and more difficult to build a suitably qualified team able to perform specific tasks. 

79% of technology employers said that a shortage of suitable applicants is their top recruitment challenge for the coming year. Three-quarters stated that they have experienced moderate to extreme skills shortages, and, of these, 13% labelled them as extreme. Only 4% of employers stated they had not experienced any skills shortages at all.

There are some ways employers can mitigate against the risks of skills shortages but most of them are time consuming and only deliver results after a long period. But what if your company needs specialists asap? 

Given these circumstances it is worth considering the support of an outsourcing company. Why? The best way to explain it is to use the example of our company and the clients with whom we cooperate on a daily basis.

Eversoft provides project team building service to its clients. Our experience in this area can save clients’ time and costs associated with recruitment and provide a harmonious team that knows how to effectively cooperate with each other. Once their staffing issues are resolved, our clients can focus on achieving their business objectives.

Hard Competencies: what should we pay attention to?

We all know that hard competencies are measurable and teachable. Skills and attributes which can include anything from degrees and certifications to coding capabilities and computer skills. In contrast, soft skills are traits that make an individual a good employee and team member (communication, collaboration etc.).

It is obvious that most employers place emphasis on these learned abilities because they play a significant role in enhancing efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction. But the higher your expectations of hard competencies are,  the harder to find people for the team. 

Hiring individuals who are highly experienced and possess several hard skills can be costly for most companies. For this reason, team leasing becomes an increasingly attractive option for those who want to utilize the expertise of those individuals without increasing the project’s budget by a significant margin.

A perfect team? It is not only hard competences

From our experience we know that building the perfect team is based not only on the client’s requirements in the area of substantive skills but also the desired personality traits of specialists. The so-called soft skills play a very important role, facilitate everyday communication with the team and the client.

Soft skills or competencies relate to how individuals work in a particular setting. For example, a person may work best within teams or as a lone wolf; these two distinct abilities are considered soft skills. The reason we place importance on this type of skill set is that without the, individuals fail to fully utilize their hard competencies and realize their potential. Emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, time management, and the ability to work under pressure are some of the essential soft competencies that lead to better productivity and results.

Team leasing allows companies to onboard a team of individuals who not only possess the required hard competencies but also display the soft skills necessary to carry the project forward and lead to efficient completion and delivery. Although most vendors only focus on hard competencies, Eversoft places the same level of importance on soft skills as they can influence projects by a great margin. Moreover, in order to achieve a perfect match, the specialist must also receive reliable information on the level of maturity of work organization, the tools used and the social benefits environment of the project. A “perfect match” can only be obtained if we join both aspects of the project.

For this reason, the primary responsibility of our consultants when processing clients’ orders is to identify the best possible requirements for the professionals sought and to help the client define actual requirements In many cases these may differ from those presented at the beginning of the project. In many cases, after recognizing the purpose and nature of the project, we can identify which requirements will have a real impact on the client’s business success.

The team should match the company’s specificity

After finishing the ideal candidate’s profile, we next define the character of the organization in which the project will be carried out. To complete the picture, we collect information on the social benefits aspects of work on the project. This allows us to supply  the candidate with a full set of information – outlining his daily duties, the nature of the organization and the benefits to which he is entitled, because, as we know, for many people they are an important element of employment.

Working with IT specialists, we are able to meet the requirements of our clients even if our company does not currently have a free team or a specialist matching the profile supplied. Our consultants specialize in recruiting high-class specialists with experience in various industries.

Therefore, instead of wasting your time on exhaustive recruitment processes, consider the benefits of delegating this task to someone else. At the same time, you can focus on the other activities that will help you to achieve specific goals faster and easier.

For IT projects, team leasing could mean improved flexibility, making it easier for your company to expand or reduce team members according to the scope of the project. Additionally, it can also lead to faster time to market and shift the administrative responsibilities to your team leasing partner. With the delegated responsibilities, managers can focus on your company’s core operations and responsibilities, dividing projects accordingly.

Author: Janusz Krzemiński, Vice-President of Eversoft

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