A comfy seating to mean a better accomplishment of a project? Check out, whether office space affects work efficiency

Eversoft Company Office

Our workplace environment has a deep impact on our efficiency and motivation. Work comfort is becoming an increasingly important factor considered by candidates who search for new jobs. We know it, and if you want to know as well, check out the following article and, on our example, see how a comfortable office can aid the increase of every day work efficiency, as well as, building the image of an appealing employer.

What should the term „comfortable office” mean?

The office is a place where we spend the majority of each day, therefore, it should be comfortable to the employees and aid the creation of a positive atmosphere. What should be the features of such an office? Here are 5 essential features:

  • Good location – even the best designed office will not encourage work if its location makes it a long drive. Therefore, when deciding on an office, one should consider its location. The primary office of Eversoft is in the Ochota district, near Aleje Jerozolimskie. Our employees have various transportation possibilities, by means of public transportation, car (we have a substantial amount of parking space), or bike (we have a special spot for bikers). Furthermore we have two shopping centers in the vicinity, restaurants and movie theatres and the drive to the exact center of Warsaw takes around 15 minutes.
  • Properly arranged work space – a comfortable office is primarily a place where one can focus on completing ones tasks, where spending 8 hours at the desk does not result in back or head pains. The main Eversoft office is located at the Brain Embassy. The location provides our employees with both standard office desks, as well as, armchairs, couches, swings and even tables where one can ride an exercise bike. Moreover, each space is featured with different design, applied colors and acoustics. Therefore, anyone can find a place for themselves.
Eversoft Company Office
  • Appropriate amount of space for meetings – the issue of many offices is the insufficient amount of meeting space. Searching for a free room often takes a lot of time which could be used for better purposes. At our location, there is more than a dozen of various rooms, where one can organize meetings. Therefore, we can conduct numerous meetings at once, without unnecessary conflict.
Eversoft Company Office
  • Access to a well equipped kitchen – the trend of self-made meals is becoming an increasing trend. That in turn often requires a place at work, where people may prepare their meals. Eversoft employees have several kitchens at their disposal, including the largest, where one may prepare a meal from scratch. The place is equipped with am oven, microwave ovens, an induction stove, and all the necessary cooking equipment. The access to such facilities encourages having meals together.
  • Time for relaxation – at work, everyone needs a breather. It allows to collect thoughts, focus on particular tasks, rethink particular issues and plan next actions. Our office gives such an opportunity. Chillout rooms located here, allow for some relaxation or even a brief nap at work. Individuals who manage the space and atmosphere present at the Brain Embassy – where we work, organize cyclic breakfasts, yoga classes or even the opportunity of participating in meditation.
Eversoft Company Office

Why comfortable work matters?

Comfortable office is not just an invention of people responsible for personal affairs at companies. Comfortable workplace allows for increased efficiency in fulfilling every day duties. It is particularly important in terms of office work, the results of which may resemble physical work. A desk adjusted inappropriately, dark space or lack of space to rest, may negatively affect our health. Back, head pains and impaired concentration – employees who work in uncomfortable spaces must face such results. Therefore, it is extremely important to provide such work space, in which all employees can feel comfortable. 

What does an office have to do with the appealing image of the employer?

Along with the ongoing changes on the employment market, the candidates -apart from factors such as salary or the scope of duties – are increasingly considering the design of the office. Therefore, the general look of the space, its character and atmosphere have significant meaning. Research confirms that. According to the Loudhouse Research 2016, even 85% of employees considers their health and overall feeling to be the priority in the place of their employment. Moreover, according to the cyclic Ergotest report organized in Poland, more than 80% of employees consider ergonomics to be a significant factor.

Maintaining a comfortable office, the employer secures both the increased effectiveness of the employees, but also builds the image of a professional company caring for a friendly workplace environment. Therefore, one should care for the matter as fast as possible.

We already know it, and we invite everyone who is interested in seeing our office 🙂

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