Big Data

We offer Big data consulting and visualization services aimed at creating business environment for effective big data analysis. We assist companies in deriving maximum value out of their big data and advance their decision-making process.
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When it's a fit

Your company is processing big data and want to transfer them into useful insights for making better business decisions
You want to develop insightful executive dashboards based on big data.
You need help on big data strategy and how to benefit from them to understand better your clients’ expectations.
You want to become a strong data-driven organization.

Scale up your team with multi-programming skills and innovative technologies

We bring in top IT talent, innovative technologies and multi-programming skills to build long term cooperation models and anticipate our client technology challenges.

Data strategy consulting

Leverage our big data consulting services to evaluate your current operational performance and define a strategy roadmap that will help you fully grasp your data and convert it into revenue opportunities.

Data mining andstorage

Collect data from different sources and store it in a single place to uncover hidden patterns and trends in large data sets.


Turn raw data into high-quality inputs for thorough analysis and other data management–related tasks by removing outliers, filling in missing values, and converting data into a unified format.

BI and dataanalysis

Make better and faster decisions by accelerating your time to insights using breakthrough business intelligence tools and advanced big data analytics customized for your specific tasks.


Gain 360-degree visibility into your data with interactive reports and adjustable dashboards that make analytics understandable and easily manageable for everyone at every level of your organization.


Embed analytics into your products and services to reveal insights that can improve your overall business performance, strengthen customer loyalty, and help you detect new growth opportunities.

Our approach
to big data analysis


Business goal discovery

Assess your business environment and performance to identify key goals and challenges


Collect data

Gather data in different formats from multiple sources to address identified goals


Prepare data

Evaluate data quality and remove inaccurate records to structure data for further analysis


Analyze data

Develop analytical algorithms and transfer them to intuitive and user friendly dashboards to discover useful business insights for making daily and strategic decisions


Incorporate in business

Integrate analytical algorithms into your production environment to unlock new opportunities


Validate the results

Continuously assess the performance of your algorithms and make adjustments if necessary

Why us?

Business First Approach

We follow Business First approach which ensures software development work is fully aligned with your business goals. We will subordinate all project’s components to meet your initial business needs and final solution adoption.

Experience-driven Project Leadership

We believe project experience and true battle-tested knowledge are key success triggers for software development projects. Eversoft’s experienced management team can predict potential project blockers and structure workflow in a seamless and effective way.

The Change Management Partner

Software development projects cannot be successful unless they are treated as a part of larger organizational evolution. We believe we can deliver true business value only when we see the big picture and when we are able to support our clients on the full change management path.

More than Engagement

Our team leaders have autonomy to make decisions and invest as much effort and time as it’s needed to be sure they deliver business value at the end. We have a positive mindset - being always on the bright side of things, we look for solutions not problems.

Success stories


Eversoft specialists designed and built the mobile app for Nrlyze within 3 months.


Preparation of a set of ready recommendations, allowing to implement and launch a programme aiming at solving…

Construction Management Team (cmT)

Eversoft zapewnił kompletny zespół dedykowany do realizacji projektu, który przeprowadził analizę wymagań dla systemu, opracował i przetestował oprogramowanie, a także uczestniczył w jego wdrożeniu.

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