If you need full support in your project.

The team is managed by Eversoft’s PM

We liaised with every one of our internal departments, drawing on their years of knowledge and experience to provide you with the very best service possible.

We provide the Market with the very best software development services, tailored and refined through years of knowledge and experience in the industry.

Our approach optimizes the costs of the Fixed-Price model whilst also taking advantage of the cost-effetiveness of the T&M model.

Moreover it eliminates the customer’s need to know the work organization structure in the software development cycle.


You would like to implement a software solution to improve your business and are looking for support.


You want to modify your business requirements during the project at no additional cost.


You do not want to bear the costs of organizing and maintaining a team of IT specialists for one project only.


Let our experienced team run your IT project for you.

Within this cooperation scenario, we provide:

A professional team

We guarantee the appropriate level of team members to carry out the tasks required.

Office and IT infrastructure

We provide appropriate office and IT infrastructure as well as necessary programming tools.

HR support

We guarantee full HR support to the members of the project team.

Simplified Invoicing

Your monthly invoice is determined by your pre-agreed sprint costs, removing the need for complex man-hour invoicing solutions.

How does the cooperation work in this scenario?

We choose the optimal ways of cooperation and project management. The result is quick implementation at low cost. The stages of cooperation within this scenario:
  • 1

    We get to know your needs

    After consulting with you we will build a short description of the business goals you are aiming for and together we will create an original list of the requirements necessary to implement the system being built for you.

  • 2

    We organise a team

    We organise a team of competent specialists dedicated to work on your project. The number of people involved and their individual skills depend on your business, technological and time requirements.

  • 3

    Two-week sprints

    With your participation, we divide your pre-defined scope of work into plans implemented in two-week work periods, paying attention to individual tasks bringing a specific value to the system being built.

  • 4

    We implement the agreed plans

    Our team performs the assumed activities and implements the planned system functionalities.

  • 5

    You receive the work

    You confirm the work done during the working period according to the agreed acceptance criteria.

  • 6

    We settle accounts

    We settle for the work completed during the working period and, after approval of the work plan for the next working period, we start the implementation.


Resources and time

Reducing the time requirements you dedicate to the project.


Flexible approach to the scope of the project.

Infrastructure outsourcing

No organizational and infrastructure costs.

Full cost control

Control over running costs and the progress of project works.

Do you want to start a new IT project without having to invest in your own IT department?

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